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Big Events of Eventfulness

I've had the good fortune to be at three major events in the last couple weeks. First I was able to attend a private meet and greet with Mitt Romney on May 14th where he announced his candidacy for president. I was front and center and the closest person to the podium in a room full of powerful and wealthy people. Afterwords we shot a video with Mitt and I got to shake his hand. Then came our awards show on May 20th, Utah's Entertainment and Choice Awards , which I've spent many long hours helping with by creating video and graphics. Several celebrities came out to support the event. Daniel Bernhardt, David Archuleta, Debbie Gibson, Sean Bradley, the Osmonds, the Fredettes, and others were among those who attended along with local media personalities. I brought a few friends along who really enjoyed the show. It wouldn't have happened without the vision of Daniel Thompson along with the efforts of Doug Osmond and John Moyer. Congrats guys! And thanks goes to ever

Tumultuous Tulips

After months of waiting through miserable snow storms spring has finally arrived in Utah! Breann had the great idea to check out Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival. It was the perfect place to take some awesome pictures.