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Editing a Feature in Final Cut Pro X

Those of you who have read my previous post about Final Cut Pro X already know that I'm a fan.  I've been using the software for a year now.  I am still enthusiastic about it. I recently completed an 80 minute feature called " Saint Street " which was written and directed by independent filmmaker Rob Diamond .  And I used FCPX to do it.  Everything from organizing the media, syncing sound to picture, assembling the rough cut, trimming a fine cut, color grading the footage, mixing and sweetening the audio, creating the titles, and exporting the final deliverables for distribution was done using this software application alone.  Essentially I used the program exactly as Apple advertised it, an all-in-one post-production tool. Where this software really amazes me starts with the intelligent ways it manages data through keywords and metadata organization. Synchronizing sound was a breeze.  Its trimming functionality beats anything else out there.  Compound Clip