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John Carter of Mars

This is a movie I've been looking forward to seeing for a couple of years now.  It all started in March, 2010 when Michael Stone (aka "Garrett") asked me if I would take a long drive with him to the Wahweap Recreation Area just outside of Page, Arizona and back to Salt Lake, all in one day.  He had an interview lined up for a production assistant position on what we were told was "Pixar's first live action movie."  The hope was that I could be squeezed in for an interview too if I tagged along. Plus he wanted to take turns driving.  Anyone who knows me knows I said I'd go, absolutely! I was thrilled to get even a remote chance of being a part of such an amazing project.  Andrew Stanton (of Pixar fame: Finding Nemo, Wall-E) was directing his first live action movie and it was based on a classic sci-fi book published in 1917 (that unfortunately I'd never heard of) called "A Princess of Mars".  It sounded so cool. There wasn't a s