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Fedora Pictures Reel - 2013

Film making is a collaborative art and the projects highlighted in this reel feature the talents of many others: Gold Moon Films , Moonstream Pictures , Power and Industry , Binding Light Productions , Rothschild/Martinez Productions, JMills Entertainment , Studio 33 , and Anna Kaelin Music .  Music: Duality by Yuri Sazonoff

My Dream Digital Cinema Camera

Just about every 6 months or less a new camera is announced with even more amazing features for even less money.  There have been a few cameras that have peaked my interest over the last year: Blackmagic Cinema Camera , Canon C100 , Sony F5 , and as of this week Blackmagic's Pocket and 4K Production Cameras. But of all the cameras I've looked at not one of them is my perfect dream camera.  Each camera has strengths and weaknesses. Ten years ago the Panasonic AG-DVX100 was the perfect camera for its time.  While the technology world has raced on and thereby making this camera obsolete it will always hold a special place in my heart.  It was the first professional quality camera I got my hands on. The DVX had a lot going on for it.  A fantastic ergonomic design, multiple frame rate options including the coveted 24fps, a fast Leica lens, and a slue of professional video and cinematic features.  It had a good run of over 5 years and was an extremely popular camera.  No c