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iPhone HDR

Trapped indoors on a snowy afternoon, I found myself bored and playing with my iPhone's camera yet again.  The following images illustrate a concept I often find myself explaining to clients or students new to film making.  It shows why I prefer to shoot a flat image and play with the contrast and saturation later as opposed to doing it in camera.  The iPhone's camera is decent for a smart phone, but it doesn't hold a candle to a DSLR or professional camcorder.  So due to the lack in quality and the low lighting in the room these images aren't the sharpest or cleanest.  But they still get the point across. In this first image I exposed for the vase.  It shows the limitations of my iPhone camera's dynamic range (the values from black to white).   This is similar to what the contrast looks like when a camera is set to standard video settings.  The windows are blown out, and even the highlights on the flowers are clipped.  While the image looks subjectively "